The MEG Philosophy

Marocchi Engineering Group was established in 2002, with our technical staff having previously been associated with managing director Gary Marocchi, at Marocchi and Robinson Consulting Engineers, which operated from 1987 to 2002.

Our ability to provide comprehensive design services in-house, including architectural and structural design, allows us to effectively manage the quality of project from concept to completion.

We are committed to receptive customer service, advanced design excellence, and problem solving employing creative and functional design.

Our core team of multi-disciplined professionals work toward design solutions that contribute to the quality of the build while achieving clients’ goals.


Our Managing Direct Gary Marocchi, is a strong believer, that by creating a positive and family like environment, employees will enjoy their job more and reach their individual potentials.

Team-based work ethics with a positive and supportive environment, MEG dedicated staff have a sense of pride in the company and a dedication to provide premium services to our clients. This philosophy carries through to our client interactions, which has helped build many on-going relationships, resulting in an extensive volume of repeat clients.

"Throughout our 29 years as an architectural practice, specializing in residential architecture, our most enduring professional relationship has been with Gary Marocchi and the Marocchi Engineering Group. Gary’s expertise and knowledge, and his capacity to quickly understand the projects with which he is involved, has always lead to practical and feasible structural solutions. He works with the architect, and understands and respects the architect’s intent. Working with Gary over such a lengthy period has been very rewarding." - Greg Sharp Sharp and Van Rhyn – Architects Pty Ltd
"As builders it has been a pleasure working with Gary Marocchi & MEG for the past 20 years. Their expertise and reliability is a testimony to their works. " - Project Corporation Construction Pty Ltd
"Gary Marocchi, Nic Spartalis and the team at MEG have provided engineering, design and planning services to The Re Group and European Foods Wholesalers for 25 years. They have always delivered high quality work with unsurpassed service excellence. We highly value our association with MEG. Personal attention, prompt turnaround times and accessibility have also been key and consistent features of our dealings with MEG. We would have no hesitation in recommending MEG to any prospective clients." - Victor Giudicatti (Group CFO) – The Re Group and European Foods Wholesalers
"I have seen many structural drawings from the eastern states and they are consistently over engineered, very difficult to understand and require a great deal of questioning. Compared to many others, your drawings make quoting more exact and I presume there is less chance of budget blow outs. Most steelwork detailers enjoy working on your jobs because you make our work much simpler. Greg Needle and Wally Hughes wanted to join me in expressing our appreciation for a true professional. You are the standard that all of Australia should be following." - Tom Scalise – Scalise Drafting Service
"The relationship we have with our consultants and in particular MEG, is a key ingredient to some of our most successful projects. Having worked with several structural engineers in my career as an architect over a span of 20 years, MEG’s work is well considered, respectful to the design intent and above all efficient. The drawings produced are clear, resolved and accurate. Gary Marocchi is admired in the construction industry and can be the most prized asset on a building site for his fast decision making which only comes from years of experience and site work. We are always grateful to have MEG on any of our projects and have no hesitation in recommending MEG to anybody looking to engage a creative, easy to work with and very competent structural team." - Patrick Miller (Principal Architect) FINESPUN – Architectural, Planning & Project Management
"We have engaged Marocchi Engineering Group on numerous projects over the past 11 years. MEG have been easy to communicate with and provide prompt, reliable service and always on budget. " - John Martino Managing Director Tempo Homes – Tempo Building Group
"Gary Marocchi & MEG is one of our most reliable engineers delivering on time & on budget" - Mario Tascone & Associates
"MEG has completed many projects for us over a period of approximately 10 years. The group have a feel for logical, simplified structural solutions and practical architectural detailing. They have the capacity to produce good documents in tight timelines. We strongly recommend the group." - Ronal Hawkins Architect Pty. Ltd.